Toca Life: City App Reviews

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My big problem

Can I just say every time I play this game when when I play this game its just so much so much effort in I clean it I do everything in the game but it is not working every night is restarts again to the weather it was before there is a programming problem in it and you have to fix it I didnt like five times until I noticed that this happens anyways Ill give you five star review because it was really good game but Im sick and tired of restarting it like five times


My kids love this game! It would be awesome if they made an app that mixes the three toca life apps: toca school,toca town and toca city. Create new characters,new stores,new houses...

We can add:

Ice cream Clothes maker Shopping More houses/appartaments

We could add

I think that this actualization was AWSOME I was staying with out spass on my home. But I think we could add More spaces on the building in the house. We could put like a main hall like a reception, with a elevator and a stair you could chose witch thinks you would use to go to the apartments, and will have much more spaces and it will be cooler. And in the last one the top we could have a stair that would bring us to the roof and there will have a pool. We also could add a Delegacy and a park. #TocaCity #PleaseDoThis #TocaCityLover please do that


houses. With more beds. More clothes.



Really fun

I like this game a lot but please!! Add more apartments!!!!

Fun but...

This game is a lot of fun but sometimes (a lot of the time) when I try and put and outfit on a person, it just goes behind them. Worse, I cant pick it up without restarting the game. The only way to fix it is to refresh the city. Not happy.

I wish

I love the app but I wish that I could move the furniture around or even better have a furniture store! also could u add an airport so I could go to hawiia! or pairs and have a map, suitcase? Maybe a bus station or different rooms, more pets, combine all of the worlds because I like the school people more but I love the city too, or even a work place like...a library, restaurants, work shop or house cleaning.well I hope u like my comments!

Awesome but

It only let me be the Viking lady and the girl with the blue hair

Love it

And I completely agree with review 144

Amazing!!!!! Kids LOVE it!!!

Its a really great app but my little sister was asking about some fancier dresses and a coffee shop. Also it would be cool if you could play with someone on a different device but on the same world.




Just one thing. Theres this glitch where I cant pull out the couch bed. I dont want to refresh the city just for that so can you fix the glitch? I dont know if its only not working for me though.

Make your own

This game is awesome just like the other Toca life apps, but what I would like to see is that you could make your own character on every Toca life game. For example you still get to keep the characters, but when the sidewalk appears you see this sign that says make and you can make as many characters as you want!!! You dont have to do this, but I think the app and the other Toca life apps would be so much better for everyone!!!

Please help!

When you press the re start button can it please say "are you sure you want to re start"? I have pressed it so many times by accident and Im so mad because I have to keep re starting everything Ive done. Thank you also there is a glitch I can pour drinks into glasses

iOS 5

Please make it compatible for ios 5!

Really good but needs more

I LOVE this game but could you add a school and a airport and library and a new house also can you Make less bugs in it and move the stuff like the tv and stuff around

Great Game! Some Update Ideas...

I love this game! It is amazing and it is worth every cent! Ideas for future update.... 1) add an airport along with an airplane(doesnt need to take off) 2) a cool landmark that you could visit 3) more items at the mall 4) new clothes and more new people 5) at the theatre- allow all instruments to be picked up (example: drums) FUTURE GAMES A cabin in a forest theme WITH - a lake - a cabin - a forest - a mini clothes shop - tourist attractions (People)- a lumber jack - a sales person and much more A doctor theme - a hospital - an eye doctor - a dentistry - a home ( 2 floors) - a storage space (People)- a doctor- a surgeon - a dentist - a family and much more PLEASE DONT MAKE THEM COST ANYTHING MORE THAN $0.99 HOPE YOU LIKE THE IDEAS! ID ALSO HOPE TO SEE ONE OF MY IDEAS USED BECAUSE IT WOULD TURN OUT TO BE A PRETTY GOOD GAME.

Dear creators of toca boca

I absolutely love this game it is awesome but Im thinking you should add a hospital,karate studio,beach,mansion,beauty parlour and a new hair cut. And please

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