Toca Life: City App Reviews

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I love the game but the only thing missing is extras floors in the apartment building and also I think you should make it so we can customize our characters like their skin colors and eye colors and things like that but overall its a great game

Awsome game

But it could use another house for people


I love these apps!!! You guys should totally make an update where if you tap on a car driving through the city, it would bring you to Toca Life:School or to Toca Life:Town. Then add an air port or train in each game to get to Toca Life:Vacation so that you could bring some people from the school app on a class trip to the city or the town.And have every one go to the beach in the vacation app for a wild party or a surf competition!

Please make this!!!

Hi I love all the toca life games so much!!! I would love to see these in the future I really do you like these ideas -toca life Mall -toca life Carnival -toca life Hospital Those are all my ideas I love the idea of all of them but I wanna see the mall the most anyways thanks so much for reading!!!!!

Awsome game love it!!!!

This game is amazing!! I cant say anything els!!!!! I have an idea for something els to. Toca Life: Stable, Whatever the name is, I think it would be a big hit for a game like this. It would have a stable with horses, a tack room full of saddles, bridles, saddle pads, leg gear, bows ribbons, and other horse accessories and a horse wash station maybe. There would be an arena with different things to do with your horse like: Jumps, poles barrels, cones, and anything else you would find there. Another thing that would be in the game is a show arena. Where there would be a cons etion stand maybe and a seating and a fancy arena. Lastly there would be a fenced field that would also be a trail riding woods place. it would have lots of horses to choose from and a place to go on a trail ride and have a picnic or camp out. I think that would be one of the best games ever and would certainly get it, and I think others will to. Thank you


Hi toca life have a problem because when I go to the theater and I touch a mask ,a hat , a costume then it dissapear so please can you fix it plisss.Oh and I think that the idea of toca Hollywood is good and I hope you can do it pliss

Luv2⛸ is right!!!

There should be one with a princess and kingdom and castle


This is a great game but I nee d more.Can u plz add more hairstyles.......I would like the same hairstyles as toca boca life:vacation and school.And I would u to add the cute hairstyle that I saw in the school to the city the one white a ball at the back of the hair.And add a ponytail for the hairstyles.ADD MORE CLOTHES can u plz add some baby dresses.And can u add some hair accessories more hats and more characters.


I really like your games BUT I think for the city I like to have a BIG family but all u can live in is a apartment and only 3 people can sleep so if u could add a house with multiply bed rooms that would be fantastic

This is great, but a suggestion

I absolutely love Toca City! I suggest it to anyone who likes games. I think they should add a city pool or maybe a mall. How about a restaurant? Even a hospital would make the game better. But overall, this is an amazing app


LOVE the game, I love the little details and all the people and buildings and what you can do with them. I rated it 3 stars because there is this one thing that I HATE, whenever I make progress in this game, or and toca life games this happens: I loose my progress in the games and I have to start all over again!

Love it!!!

I have all toca boca life apps and I am ten. Best app ever! Toca boca should make a kingdom app with a palace and pesents and a princess hope they consider making it if you agree write a review about the same thing thanks

Best game ever!!

Make a online so Play with your friends have fun and a lot more people probably get your game. And she combine all the apps into one.

Dude, your help is HORRIBLE.

I cant redownload it. When I asked for help, i just got instructions on how to redownload an app. I know how to redownload apps, but this app wont redownload. It just wont. I click on the cloud to redownload it, and it goes to the loading screen but then it goes back to the cloud.

Needs a few things

I think it needs an airport that can transport u from toca life app to toca life app and it needs a hospital and more home options And a mail service

Super fun

Hello! This game is super fun and I love it but you need an update. I think that you should have another home space, a Central Park, a school, a daycare, and a restraunt.

Love the game

I love the game its so much fun but i have a few suggestions. There should be like a park where u can play games and walk ur pets. I also think there should be apartments for other characters. Besides all that its a great game!

Toca Life app suggestions!

This review is NOT about the app itself, this review is about app suggestions. Lets get started! 1.) Toca Transfer -Transfer different things from the Toca Life apps to other Toca Life apps!- 2.) Toca Life: Zoo 3.) Toca Life: Hospital/Doctor 4.) Toca Life: Mall 5.) Toca Life: Mansion -Live life rich with a mansion, private beach, and more!- 6.) Toca Life: Bakery 7.) Toca Life: Vet Thank you for reading this far. Also, not all of these have to be Toca Life apps! Smooches, Olivia

Needs more shops and homes!

I love this game its so fun! Me and my sister played it for hours! But please add more shops and homes because me and my sister are getting bored of the old places.

Omg Update!!

I really want an update with awesome stuff! Please update thanks!

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